Our common term ‘membership’ is simply described in the Bible as commitment or devotion to one another and to God. The Bible illustrates church membership through a number of pictures. For example, we are parts of a body, bricks in a building, soldiers in an army and perhaps most powerfully, members of one family. All these pictures contain the idea of belonging, something much more than just attending. Church is a family, where we are all involved in different ways to help the family work properly.

Anyone who trusts in Jesus is a Christian and part of the worldwide, universal church - the world-wide family of God. However, the New Testament expects that Christians will be part of a local church, living as a family in community with other believers.

Therefore, we believe that anyone who trusts in Jesus and has decided to make Town Church Bicester their home is a member of the family. We then encourage those who are members of Town Church Bicester to make it formal by publicly becoming a member of the church.

Membership expresses a commitment to the church family and is also legally how we are constituted. We hold regular church members meetings, and a number of decisions need to be agreed by a vote of the membership.

To find out more about becoming a member at Town Church Bicester use the form below and one of the leaders will be in touch.

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